MASTER OR SERVANT ~ Recapture the Power Within


Paperback: 272 pages

ISBN: 1517237300
ISBN-13: 978-1517237301


Three and half years had passed and the success David Christian had experienced over that time from his growing web-based business, seminars, and numerous speaking engagements served as validation for him to continue steadfast on his chosen path. Tina had also committed herself to the achievement of her goals and learned the foundations of the ‘lessons of the mind’ from her own study, as well as the many in depth discussions she had with David in regards to the topic. Just as well, she incorporated the practice of Doctor Paul’s methods for a lifetime of achievement and success in her own right. David and Tina had experienced something as a couple that few individuals ever experience in life. They were not just content to live their lives, but instead created a path for themselves, to manifest the dreams they possessed in their minds. They were a team that played the game of life well together and David highlighted their own personal successes as all the validation they needed to continue to excel in whatever they chose to do. The message was clear and in the form of David’s business, which had taken the country by storm and was ready for the world to consume.

In the course of the three years that had passed David and Tina had become engaged and were ready for the next step in their relationship. Tina was never happier and David felt as if he had come into his own with a lifetime of security built around a new set of rules to live by. David had rapidly risen into the spotlight of prominent self-help guru’s and dogmatic life coaches, only to emerge as the star in the crowded field of self-professed experts. He portrayed the charisma of a super-star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, and the numerous accounts of achievements from his followers served as a launching board for continued growth in a business that aspired on its own validations from every positive result one follower or another would experience. In fact, the snowball was in effect and David’s business had rapidly approached a tipping point. David had set the foundation for his ultimate rise on the world stage and he seemed to be on a direct path to the grandest of all accomplishments he had set his sights on, that being his ambition to create change that would have a global impact.


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