MASTER OR SERVANT ~ Lessons Learned at the Wisdom Cafe


Paperback: 348 pages

ISBN: 1512183555
ISBN: 13:9781512183559


Hypnosis and the power of suggestion are at the center of this intriguing story which captures one individual’s life change with the help of a master. David Christian’s adaptation of self-hypnosis becomes the foundation for his dramatic life transformation and subsequent success. Have you ever wondered what is it that drives a person to create a path of success and great achievements in life, while so many others wallow in the mire of their wretched lives? In this delving expose, the author unveils the secret “key to a life of achievement” and delivers it in a manner never before seen or read.

In an age when the “gurus of life” are on a crusade to change the world, one man demonstrates it is with ease that every individual has the capacity to change their life and vault to a new awakening in the moment it takes to make a simple choice. Far beyond the reach of today’s technology is a system built into each one of us that precludes any possibility of failure if followed in a methodical order. The real key to a life of splendor and achievement is to become master of the machine we possess and no longer succumb as a servant to the scattered thoughts harbored in your weak mind.

Can one man shed the light that can change all of humanity? Probably so, if all of humanity is ready and willing to learn how to utilize the gift we each hold inside. “Master or Servant” will not only entertain you, but will lay out the breadcrumbs for you to take the same path that few individuals are willing to take. That is to meet life head on and make the most of the potential you hold inside, live life on your own terms, and manifest your dreams into your new reality.


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