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Anyone with an interest in creating transformational results can use the training courses or any other informational material in the Wisdom Café. The material is provided exclusively for personal development and is useful to individuals in many different occupations, as well as in your personal life.
Time spent is relative to the course or the book you purchase. For the online courses, it is typically suggested you spend the requisite time to complete the assigned session each morning when you wake and evening prior to sleep. It is in these hours you will have the most success at impressing new paradigms into the subconscious mind, which will lead to a shift in mental habits, behavior, and results.
Start with any of the items you may have an interest in. A suggestion would be to start with the least expensive items to make sure you build a foundation and an understanding of the process you will become immersed into, which is a shifting of your beliefs at the subconscious level. As the costs of programs go up, the programs themselves become much more intensive and we delve deeper into the process of creating shifts in your self-image and paradigms. It is imperative to open your mind to the power and ability you have within yourself, to make significant changes that will impact your life in any area you choose. Keep in mind, it is a process, so be patient and persistent..
Yes, absolutely! If you have an open mind regarding the process, as well as the power you possess within yourself, you will be successful at implementing changes in any area of your life that you choose. Essentially, the only element that differs from person to person is timing, and the reason for that depends on your level of experience, persistence and consistency at following the instructions to execute change. If you do as you are instructed to do, you will create positive results.
Imagination to create your dreams and desires, Ambition to play big and leave limitation behind, Willingness to do the work, and an open mind to realize the power to create your dreams is within your reach when you exercise the methods you will learn here in the Wisdom Cafe. These concepts and practices are very effective, and if you come ready to make significant strides forward, I know you will have success. If you are at all hesitant or unsure, believe in my belief in you! You will soon be a believer in yourself when you start to experience transformation in selected areas of focus.
For most people, change occurs within 21 to 30 days. It can be longer or shorter depending on what you are dealing with, how long the paradigm has been in place, as well as, how well you follow instructions and do the required work. If you do as instructed, maintain persistence and consistency with the work, time spent will be relative to the change you are seeking to create.
We have various programs, with each having its own level of coaching support and access to help. That said; we do have a program that includes personal coaching for six months. In addition, you have the ability to contact me through e-mail and inquire if you have questions/concerns. I will work with you to make sure you receive the best opportunity to succeed with the programs we offer. In short, yes you will have the support you need to reach your desired goal.
No, if anything you will actually raise your level of awareness, increase control of your conscious thoughts, and become the master at programming your subconscious mind for attaining transformational results.
Most people are unwilling to do the work necessary to get what they claim to want in life. I will guarantee this, if you do the work you’re instructed to do with our courses, you will achieve the stated level of success for the specific course you take. Our guarantee is only as good as your willingness to do the work you must do to achieve your desired results.
No, it is not harmful. If anything, it is empowering to know you can achieve anything you want if you learn to harness the power of your own subconscious mind.

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