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Proctor Gallagher Consultant

Proctor Gallagher Institute – Thinking Into Results

"I'm honored to share with you the valuable lessons I learned at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Now this information is available to you here, at the WISDOM CAFÉ."

— Joe Frazzette, Consultant ~ Proctor Gallagher Institute

You Will Change The World

"My thanks and gratitude to Peter Anthony Wynn for providing the opportunity to share my message of The Hypnotic Formula through his powerful Mastermind."

— Joe Frazzette, Mentor ~ You Will Change The World

Hi, I’m Joe

I am an author, mentor, and speaker on the topic of personal development, and teach practical methods for mastering subconscious thought. I will show you how you can gain control of your subconscious mind by changing the paradigms that basically control your life in the physical world. I am passionate about this subject, as I have used it to make strides in my own life and vault myself into a direction of my own choosing… one I am passionate about. I can show you how to do exactly the same! I have the tools for you right here in the Wisdom Cafe and I will gladly help you become the person you were intended to be when you arrived. If you don’t fully believe in yourself yet, trust in my belief in you!

Another of my passions is to write fiction novels. As a matter of fact, my writing career began as a fiction author. I have also found non-fiction, self-help books, such as “Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula”, are another passion of mine, because I do have a genuine concern for the welfare of other people. I want to share what I know so that I can help others realize their life dreams and desires. Life may appear to be difficult at times, but if you will trust in the power you have within, and take action with the tools I make available here at the Wisdom Cafe, you will become the master of your life by learning concepts that will empower you to control your life by creating a self-image that matches your life’s dreams and desires.

I started my journey twenty years ago when I learned the skill of self-hypnosis. Since then, I have created significant changes in my life and want to share those skills I found to be useful and effective with others. I include the topic of self-hypnosis and the Hypnotic Formula when I speak on the power of the mind to master life. It is achieved through concentrated effort of the four steps of the Hypnotic Formula which are thought, belief, conviction, and action. I mentor and coach those seeking to create a life of conscious choice by way of the practical course called “Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula” as well as with a six month transitional course from PGI, titled “Thinking into Results”.

I am so happy and grateful to be where I’m at today, with the opportunity to help so many others seeking the answers to the questions they may have about achieving a life of happiness, joy, bliss, and abundance. I am an enthusiastic individual who loves people, loves helping others, loves to travel and approaches life with a zest for adventure and risk taking. I especially enjoy the great outdoors and spend much of my time exploring the wonders of nature. I am keenly observant of the unique people I cross paths with as well as interesting places and situations I experience throughout my travels. You will get the best of me when we work together since I consistently maintain a positive outlook on life and I am unwavering in my pursuit to help others create measurable, transformational results in their own lives.


Joe Frazzette

Joe Frazzette

Author, Mentor & Speaker
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